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MLBThisWeek Show #047 – Locked in at Oriole Park, and Basebrawl is happening with the Royals

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It’s a riot in Baltimore and for their own personal safety, after the game, the stadium was locked down with the fans inside the stadium until the ‘all clear’ was announced for the fans to be able to get home in a safe manner. No reported injuries to fans took place, although their were a few skirmishes outside the ballpark.

The Kansas City Royals are involved in yet another fight on the field, and we talk about it. Ned Yost, Kansas City manager, denies that the Royals are starting any of this. We’ll be watching this story more for our listeners as the season goes on.

Pete Rose may be getting his wish of getting back into baseball, we talk about the latest.

Josh Hamilton may be packing his bags to Texas, the Angels are even financing the whole move to get rid of him.

All of this and a whole lot more on this edition of MLBThisWeek – with your Sunday night baseball talkers, Rich Baxter and Gary Mack.