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MLBThisWeek Podcast – Show 28 – The Playoffs are here!

It’s the weekly MLBThisWeek Podcast with Rich and Gary as we talk baseball and what’s going on with some stories you may have missed around the world of baseball.

The playoffs are on, and it’s always a great time of year for a baseball fan. We’re talking about the Major League Baseball playoffs with what has happened so far. The Wild Card games have been played, and we’re hoping for a 3-game series sometime down the road for this.

We need a scorecard to keep up with where on tv some of the games are being shown. There’s TBS, ESPN, Fox Sports 1, and MLB Network. We need an app or something to find out when and what channel they are going to be on.

Baseball has enjoyed a great audience for the first week of playoff baseball. It was reported that it’s the most popular ratings ever for the viewers at home watching playoff baseball.

Baseball will test out 6 new rules in an attempt to speed up the game a little. Gary tells us all about how they plan to test a few new items that will be timed. That’s what a lot of us enjoy though that baseball isn’t a sport that is controlled by time. Are they changing the very core of the game?

There’s a story from and from Philadelphia by Frank Fitzpatrick that talks about Ebola and baseball. The article tells about the 1918 flu epidemic when there were thousands of deaths across the country and the precautions that baseball had to take back then.

All this and more on this edition of MLBThisWeek Podcast, an unofficial podcast that talks all about the world of baseball.

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