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Sports bloggers, Rich Baxter and Gary Mack, give their opinions on the week that was in baseball and the week ahead in the news of pro baseball

Show #026 – Down to the wire races make the season interesting

It’s show 26 of the weekly podcast with Gary and Rich called MLBThisWeek. 

We’re talking all about the week that was in baseball, some of the stories you may not have heard of in the game.

Stories on this show:

Ron Washington comes clean on why he left the Rangers

An ump gets suspended

Ballpark eats get fancier

Babe Ruth has got nothing on Mr. Rizzo

Kershaw wins his 20th game of the year, a somewhat rare occurrence anymore – a review of the last few years of 20-game winning pitchers

A councilman in South Korea hit a mayor of a town at a public meeting with a couple of eggs for his choice of what town a baseball stadium would be built at.

A Jewish dilemma, some playoff games scheduled on a holy day, what to do? (As appeared in the Washington Post.

CNN doesn’t know it’s sports apparently. The network put up a graphic last week that showed various NFL teams that were involved in various crisis situations involving players and their actions – the screen showed a St. Louis Cardinals logo where the Arizona Cardinals should have been.

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