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Show #023: A Whole Lot of Shaking Going On in SanFran/Oakland

An overnight earthquake in the Sonoma Valley area near Oakland and San Francisco hit at 3:30 AM local time leaving many older buildings damaged along with a few serious injuries. Mike Trout tweeted about the story with his experience in the Angels hotel room on the 18th floor.

The Cubs rain out the other night was an embarrassment to baseball, they didn’t have enough groundskeepers to cover the field in a timely manner, and apparently were skimping on employees and possibly so they don’t have to pay them benefits. Is this what America has come to? Trying to stick it to the little guy while the business makes millions, they should be embarrassed to call themselves Americans, we citizens and employees deserve better!

Mike Schmidt wrote a full page story, you can read it here. Schmidt asks baseball again to look at the Pete Rose issue, now that there is a newly elected Commish.

The Yankees have retired Joe Torre’s jersey, number 6. When the Yanks retire Derek Jeter’s number 2 next year, there won’t be any single digits left for the team. What will the Yanks do for numbers? Gary says maybe a 6A entry.. just like a daily double entry at the track.

All these stories and much more on this show.

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