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Month: February 2016

MLBThisWeek Baseball Podcast – Show 083 – Yankees Fans Tix Furor – New Rules – and more!

It’s time for another exciting edition of the MLBThisWeek Baseball Podcast!

    Great topics to discuss this week:

Yankees further incite fan backlash with StubHub tickets debacle

The New Rules in baseball, we’ll talk about them again for a minute or two

Yasiel Puig wants to fly into Dodgerland, but the airspace is closed

The Pirates try out new head gear

Baseball Stats guru, Bill James, talks about Donald Trump

Braves catcher to wear new style mask

and so much more, we can’t wait to do the show!

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MLBThisWeek Baseball Podcast – 082 – Baseball is back! – Greed of Yankees and more!

Talk about a power packed show, we’re talking about baseball being back! Our first edition on Blab!

And these hot topics in baseball:

The Yankees greed or is it something else?

Terry Collins rips sabermetrics

MLB goes to extremes to attract younger audience

Baseball Hall of Fame tries to keep up with the technology

Pittsburgh bringing back the year 1979 this year

and a new feature: Baseball website of the week!

all on this edition, check it out live right here or on our podcast distributors



MLBThisWeek Show #081 – MLB.TV changes for ’16 – Mejia gets lifetime ban – Royals Celebrate Twice

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Now only days away from Spring Training, the trucks are all there in Florida and Arizona, ready for starting up camp?

MLB.TV makes some changes to the streaming they provide, lower priced and a choice for single team streams

The first player ever was given a ‘lifetime ban’ Jennry Mejia from the Mets is the player, we’ll talk about it

The Royals will be getting two celebrations

and so much more on this show

MLBThisWeek Podcast – #080 – Super Bowl Sunday edition – Rose appears in Super Bowl ad – and more!

It’s the Super Bowl Sunday edition of the MLBThisWeek Show with Gary and Rich.

A whole lot of baseball news to talk about on Super Bowl Sunday, we’re talking about how the World Series could probably borrow a thing or two from the biggest game on earth.

It was Babe Ruth’s birthday yesterday, February 6th 1895, he was born.

Stories on baseball turf in Toronto for this season, and Pete Rose appearing in a big Super Bowl ad for William Hill mobile sports betting app for Nevada.

Here’s the video of the ad:

All of this and much more on this edition of the independent show we like to call MLBThisWeek.