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Month: October 2015

MLBThisWeek Podcast – Mets vs Royals World Series 2015 Preview, Best ballpark Wifi, and more!

It’s the World Series coming up on Tuesday night, October 27th and now we know it’s going to be the Kansas City Royals vs. the New York Mets, we’ll have a nice World Series preview.

Join us for our weekly romp through the world of baseball news as well, some things that you may have missed in the week of baseball news. It’s the show we like to call MLBThisWeek Podcast with Rich Baxter and Gary Mack.

MLBThisWeek Show – #066 – Postseason is here – CC goes to Rehab – Pete Rose Opens a Bar and Grille

It’s a great time of year, the baseball playoffs season is here!

We give you our picks and analysis of the start of the 2015 postseason on this show

CC Sabathia goes into rehab and shocks the Yanks and fans

Icihiro takes the mound for the Marlins for the first time ever in his Hall of Fame career

Matt Williams and more are fired, we try to make sense of it

all this and so much more