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Month: August 2015

MLBThisWeek Show – #061 – Baseball Card Find – Manager gets Cancer news – Get the Nets and more!


It’s the MLBThisWeek Show, a weekly independent talk show about baseball that we do. Join Gary and Rich for this edition of the show. On this show:

An MLB manager gets very bad news about cancer, we wish him and his family the best

Baseball cards found in an unusual place, a Detroit abandoned automobile factory

Fiers fires a No-hitter and a foreign substance is noted in his glove

Justin Verlander calls for additional netting for fans after a woman gets the worst end of a hot shot foul ball

All this and more on this edition of our show.


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MLBThisWeek Show – 060 – Helmet flies and hits teammate, Cespedes for the Rest of Us, Hilarious Sabermetric stats, and more!

It’s time for more great baseball talk with Rich and Gary on this week’s show we’ve got another great lineup of stories along with great commentary about the week in baseball.

Here’s some of the things you’ll hear on this week’s show:

Justin Upton of the Padres hits teammate in the head with helmet toss

Hilarious article on new Sabermetric stats (Chicago Tribune )

LA Angels lost 16 of 22 games – but hang in on race for Wildcard

On this week in baseball history

Are the Nationals close to imploding

Home sweet home

Stirupping trouble

Cespedes for the rest of us


MLBThisWeek Podcast – Show #059 – Pete Rose Takes Lie Detector – Computer Calls Balls and Strikes – Game held up by Circus Tent

It’s time for the latest edition of MLBThisWeek Podcast is what we like to call it, not sponsored by or associated with Major League Baseball or any MLB Team, we’re an independent show that talks baseball. This week, the race is starting to heat up, we go around the league and see what teams are in the hunt for a great run to the top in the last 6 weeks of the season coming up.

We have our usual lineup of great baseball stories that we’ve found from around the internet. The saga of Pete Rose seems like it’s never ending and it takes another chapter this week. We’re also talking about the computer that is calling the balls and strikes in a minor league game.

All this and a whole lot more on this edition of our show.

MLBThisWeek – Show 058 – Steroids for Mejia – Trade Deadline Digestion – Pre Civil War Baseball card sells – and more!

It’s the weekly baseball talk fest with Rich and Gary. This week were still digesting the trades that happened just a couple days ago.

Trade deadline madness in 2015 – a lot of late moves resulted in some great acquisitions for teams in the race.

Mejia gets a 162 game suspension for 2nd suspension back to back

An old baseball card that was a pre-Civil War card sold for big bucks!

All this and more with Rich and Gary on the show we like to call MLBThisWeek – note that we’re not affiliated with Major League Baseball or any team in the league