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Sports bloggers, Rich Baxter and Gary Mack, give their opinions on the week that was in baseball and the week ahead in the news of pro baseball

Month: June 2015

MLBThisWeek 055 – Heating up like a Firecracker! – Mets Matz – Sandberg calls it quits

A great Fourth of July Podcast from the independent talk show that covers the world of baseball, it’s MLBThisWeek with Gary and Rich.

This week’s show:

Hot as a firecracker is the AL East with that race as we head into the Fourth of July – the birth of our great nation

The Mets have a great new pitcher, named Matz … we tell you all about him

The Phillies skipper stepped down, here’s why

All of this and will there ever be a female baseball player? Gary has a story on that, so check this show out!

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MLBThisWeek Show – #053 – Hunter goes Monty, Branson’s pitch, and Mustache madness

It’s the MLBThisWeek Show with Rich and Gary, the independent podcast that talks all about the best stories in baseball.

Join Rich and Gary as we talk the standings in baseball, and the best stories of the week concerning the game.

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On this show,

Hunter Goes Monty

Richard Branson’s pitch

Mustache Madness

and a whole lot more!

MLBThisWeek Podcast – 052 Batman heckles the heckler, Skunks in LA, more MLB Draft Talk and more!

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It’s time for another edition of the MLBThisWeek Podcast, an independent baseball talk show about what’s happening around the sport.

Join Rich Baxter and Gary Mack, as they explore the stories of the week that you may have missed around the world of baseball.

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