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Month: February 2015

MLBThisWeek Podcast – 2015 Scandals Already, watch us lose it at the end of the show!

It’s a great edition of the show this week. We had some live listeners stop by and join the show, for a moment anyway.

A whole lot of scandal talk going on in this edition with Josh Hamilton, Jihadi John, and the Alex Rodriguez mess with the Yankees. Is this the way we wanted to start the season off? No matter, we cover it all even the scandals here on the show.

Oh yeah, we had some gremlins toward the last minute or two of the show, so you have to check it out as we lose control of ourselves in this thing we call the MLBThisWeek Show!

MLBThisWeek Podcast: Pitchers and catchers are back, but baseball on a time clock? All this and more!

It’s time for another edition of the MLBThisWeek Podcast with Rich and Gary.

Pitchers and catchers return to start Spring Training for 2015!

We’re talking about the hottest news in baseball, are they actually going to use a timer in baseball? We talk about it! 

What’s in the letter “W” that has baseball so interested, you’ll find out.

Is baseball making a return to the Olympics?  All this and more on this edition of the show.

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MLBThisWeek Podcast – Baseball is Back! Where’s all the top free agents now and more

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It’s time again for Spring Training and in this edition of MLBThisWeek we’ll look at some of the top players in the league with where they are playing now.

Gary’s ready for reading up on some new baseball books and welcoming the sweet feeling of Spring after this tough winter that the Northeast has went through already.

A story on the Little League and how Jackie Robinson West from Chicago was stripped of it’s title, the players will get rings anyway, is this the proper way to deal with this by the adults in charge? We’ll talk about that and a story from Andrew McCutcheon on the poor players who are growing up could use some assistance, maybe some of the players could chip in?

All this and all the moves the new Commish, Rob Manfred, will be looking at in his first season in charge of baseball.





MLBThisWeek Podcast: The PECOTA ratings are out for 2015 and more!

It’s time for another great edition of the MLBThisWeek Podcast with Rich and Gary as we bring you the world of baseball news.

This week’s show is going to be packed with the latest talk on the Pecota ratings for baseball, who’s supposed to be the best in baseball in 2015?

Join us for this and a whole lot more.

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