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Month: November 2014

MLBThisWeek Podcast: Show #033 – $325M for Stanton, BBWAA Award Winners, Japan All Star Series, and more!


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Just announced before we did the show, Giancarlo ‘Mike’ Stanton got a huge contract, the biggest ever in baseball at $325M over 13 years. What impact does this have on the rest of the league?

We’re going over the BBWAA Awards, the winners and be sure to check out the BBWAA website for how certain writers voted.

The Japan All Star Tour isn’t going too good for the Americans, they got no hit on Saturday but earned their first win on Sunday.

All this and a whole lot more on this action packed show talking baseball called MLBThisWeek Podcast, check us out on as well!



MLBThisWeek Podcast: The awards season and the week of news in baseball

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On this edition of the show we talk about the Player’s Choice Awards, we talk about the winners as voted on by the players.

Also, the Gold Glove and Silver Slugger award winners for 2014, the names are not the same old names were familiar with.

We also talk about the upcoming BBWAA Awards, the Rookie of the Year, MVP, Cy Young Award, and Manager of the year that will be announced this week.

All this and a whole lot more, so listen in on this 32nd edition of the show.

MLBThisWeek Podcast: World Series Wrap-up and baseball news and ‘stuff’

It’s time for another edition of MLBThisWeek Podcast with Rich and Gary.

This week we’re talking about the World Series that was, the San Francisco Giants were victorious again. The third time in 5 years for them.

We’ll talk all about that, and of course our selection of baseball news stories you may not have heard. Like these:

We talk about the Giants success, what makes them so good every ‘even’ year?

A veteran steps up and says baseball has too much focus on the military and flag waving. Does he make a valid point?

Here’s a truck with some ‘technology and stuff’ presentation by a VP from Chevrolet who talked about the Madison Bumgarner selection of a new Chevy truck. The VP stammered and stumbled through the presentation, maybe it was that beautiful Fox Sports field reporter holding the microphone directly across from him?

Watch it here: