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Month: September 2014

Show 027: The regular season comes to a close but the playoffs are here in baseball

Join Gary and Rich as we talk baseball on MLBThisWeek. Some interesting stories from around the world of baseball you may not have heard.

The regular season ends but the playoffs for baseball start. Who’s in and who’s out this year.

The baseball world has seen two retirements already, Bobby Abreu and of course the long year of retirement hoopla for Derek Jeter. New Yorkers have been inundated with this news all baseball year long, and some aren’t so sure that Jeter is all that he made up to be in the superstar realm. We talk about that and of course Keith Olbermann’s ESPN rant against Jeter.

Clayton Kershaw has finished first for 4 years in a row now with the lowest ERA in baseball, is he the NL MVP this year?

A pitcher gets a third of an inning short to make a nice $500K bonus, will the team make it up to them.

Washington Nationals, Jordan Zimmermann pitched a ‘no-hitter’ – the first ever for a Nats pitcher, the game was saved by a rookie left fielder who caught the third out of the 9th inning to close out the game. The great catch was made by Steven Souza, who flew through the air and somehow made the catch, you can see it here:

This story and so much more, on this edition of MLBThisWeek with Gary Mack and Rich Baxter

Show #026 – Down to the wire races make the season interesting

It’s show 26 of the weekly podcast with Gary and Rich called MLBThisWeek. 

We’re talking all about the week that was in baseball, some of the stories you may not have heard of in the game.

Stories on this show:

Ron Washington comes clean on why he left the Rangers

An ump gets suspended

Ballpark eats get fancier

Babe Ruth has got nothing on Mr. Rizzo

Kershaw wins his 20th game of the year, a somewhat rare occurrence anymore – a review of the last few years of 20-game winning pitchers

A councilman in South Korea hit a mayor of a town at a public meeting with a couple of eggs for his choice of what town a baseball stadium would be built at.

A Jewish dilemma, some playoff games scheduled on a holy day, what to do? (As appeared in the Washington Post.

CNN doesn’t know it’s sports apparently. The network put up a graphic last week that showed various NFL teams that were involved in various crisis situations involving players and their actions – the screen showed a St. Louis Cardinals logo where the Arizona Cardinals should have been.

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Show #025 : Sluggers beaned and suspended and so much more

It’s the 25th edition of MLBThisWeek with Rich and Gary talking baseball with you.

Join us this show for a great number of topics that you probably haven’t heard in the news surrounding the world of baseball last week.

Marlins slugger beaned, out for the season.

Chris Davis suspended for 25 games for unauthorized use of medicine.

Pirates, Tigers, and Giants surging and some teams not doing so well.

The Sporting News looks at all the MLB broadcast teams and critiques them, who’s the best and the worst according to Sporting News.

Astros and Dbacks fire manager and GM respectively

Mets Manager tells Mejia to ‘Tone it Down’ with his on field celebrations

Say it ain’t so, the Wall Street Journal reports that a baseball is about 90 percent players ‘standing around’

All this and more on this edition of MLBThisWeek..

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Show #024: Time for September Call Ups, Discord in Texas, Randy Johnson’s Mansion for sale

Around 30 days left in the season, a few teams add some players on the last day for the teams to add players that would be eligible for the postseason.

Adam Dunn goes from Chicago and joins the Oakland A’s for the playoff run.

Discord in Texas with a couple of players who are getting on one another’s nerves. No wonder that Texas is in last place and officially out of any playoff contention, the first team for this to happen to a team being eliminated from playoff contention for 2014.

Looking at Umpire stats: from a Jayson Stark blog post from earlier this week. He looks at some interesting stats from some umpires that seem to have great numbers with home teams.

Don’t offer Seattle’s Jesus Montero an ice cream sandwich, or do so at your own risk. Find out why with this interesting story.

All this and much more on this editon of MLBThisWeek with Gary Mack and Rich Baxter talking baseball on the weekly podcast.