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Month: April 2014

The MLBThisWeek Show for the end of April 2014


It’s the MLBThisWeek show for the end of April, Rich and Gary have some of the best stories in baseball for you this week. We’re talking about a few things you might not have heard about too, so watch the show and if you like it, click on the like button on YouTube and follow our show by subscribing to the show also on Youtube.

Topics this week:

Baseball revokes secure/insecure rule.

Fallout from pirates/ brewers brawl

Pujols hits 500th

Six highest paid managers

Rick Monday saves the flag from protesters in 1976 – anniversary was Friday April 25th

A baseball is ‘crushed’ at 100,000 lbs. of pressure, what does that look like?

Cubs and Dbacks 100th Anniversary game in Chicago

Yankees Pineda thrown out of game for pine tar on his neck

Strange promotion, Seattle Mariners ‘Beard Hat Night’

And of course, the Tommy John Report

It’s Week 3 of baseball – Happy Easter and Passover – join Gary and Rich for great baseball talk


It’s MLBThisWeek for the week of April 14-20 2014 – our topics we talked about are:

Rule changes are still in a gray area, maybe we need better clarification of the ‘catch and release rule’ and the collision at home plate rule

It’s a rare feat in baseball, the Triple play, and the Yankees turned the first one of the 2014 season this week

It’s Greg Maddux’s 48th birthday, he’ll be enshrined in the Hall of Fame this summer

We talk about the best teams in baseball, surprise the Oakland A’s are one of them so far

An ice cream treat that every ballpark should have, one that you probably one heard about here on our show!

All this and a whole lot more on this edition of MLBThisWeek with Gary and Rich!

The first week is in the books we’re talking about it here on MLBThisWeek

What a great first week in baseball this week, it was great to see the teams back on the field.

The teams that most surprise us are some teams from Florida, the Tampa Bay Rays and the Miami Marlins

Cost of proposals at parks

Don Baylor broken leg catching ceremonial first pitch

Frank Viola heart surgery

And of course, the injury report

all this and more!

LA Dodgers Mattingly benches Yasiel Puig for Dodgers home opener

Mike Trout has tremendous start to 2014 season..(+Atlantic City Press daily Mike Trout report)

Miguel Cabrera with 2000 hits …it was a 2 run home run ..happened Friday night at home …He went 4-5