The Baseball Talk Radio Show podcast

Sports bloggers, Rich Baxter and Gary Mack, give their opinions on the week that was in baseball and the week ahead in the news of pro baseball

Episode 1.15 – The Baseball Talk Radio Show – Dec 2 2016

Labor peace, but the players showed a fear of foreign influence. Could the players be mirroring the tone of incoming President Donald Trump? They feared an International Draft. We’ll talk about the CBA approval by both sides, Gary and Rich both agreed if the players and ownership didn’t approve this contract, it could have been big trouble for baseball.

Hot Stove action is about to heat up, we talk about the upcoming Winter Meetings and what that means for ‘the hot stove.’

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Episode 1.13 – The Baseball Talk Radio Show – Nov 11 2016 – Mark Littell


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It’s the Hot Stove time and we’re talking all about it on tonight’s show with Rich Baxter and Gary Mack.

We’re joined by our guest, Mark Littell, who played for the Kansas City Royals and the St. Louis Cardinals, his nickname was Country! He talks about being a Major League closer, the Kansas City Royal days, the loss to the New York Yankees in the 1976 ALCS and his upcoming book, “On The Eighth Day, God Created Baseball.”


Episode 1.11 – The Baseball Talk Radio show – Oct 30 2016

The Cubs are just one game away from the 2016 World Series, as Gary Mack will say, they have to get through LA and Kershaw to get to the World Series, and then maybe Mr. Hill in a Game 7. Can the Cubbies make it into this series?

Interesting World Series talk from Rich and Gary as we talk some records for home runs in the World Series. And, so much more!

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Episode 1.7 – The Baseball Talk Radio show – Oct 2 2016

It’s the final regular game of the season for most teams, unless the tie breakers cause an extra game to be played for some. The Wild Card situation is still unresolved for most, but the Mets will be playing a Wild Card game on Wednesday for sure.

We follow a little of what happened in Miami with Jose Fernandez’s funeral and now impending investigation of what actually happened if that can be determined.

It’s time to talk some more baseball with Rich and Gary on The Baseball Talk Radio show.

Episode 1.6 – The Baseball Talk Radio Show podcast – Sept. 25 2016

The tragic news of Jose Fernandez, who died earlier this morning in a boating accident in Miami. Just 24, Fernandez was a shining star of the Miami Marlins and cut down early in his brief career.

Gary reports from his trip to the WBC, the World Baseball Classic, and scouting out the qualifying game that he saw on Friday late afternoon.

Vin Scully does his final regular season game at Dodger Stadium, MLB Network covered the game on the channel for the last broadcast home game with Scully behind the mic.

All this and more on this edition of the podcast we call “The Baseball Talk Radio Show” with Gary Mack and Rich Baxter.

Episode 1.5 – The Baseball Talk Radio show podcast – Sept 18 2016

We’re back talking baseball on The Baseball Talk Radio Show podcast with Rich and Gary. We’re talking about the race to the finish in the MLB, a lot of interesting wild card combinations are shaping up.

We’re also going to talk about the Adam Jones comment that ‘baseball is a white man’s game.’ Jones was asked by an interviewer in a interview about the football protests that have been going on recently, and that reply came out of his mouth. We discuss it and compare it to the comments that were excellent that soothed a city on fire. Why then would he come out and say this?