The MLBThisWeek Baseball Podcast

Sports bloggers, Rich Baxter and Gary Mack, give their opinions on the week that was in baseball and the week ahead in the news of pro baseball

MLBThisWeek Baseball Podcast – Show #095 – Father’s Day at the Ballpark – Rays looking for new home and more!

Happy Father’s Day 2016 to all of the listeners of the show!

Gary pays a bet off by wearing Miami Marlins hat on the broadcast tonight

We’re talking all about the biggest stories in baseball, and some you may have not heard of:

Ichiro Suzuki is mentioned in a new ‘record’ in hits combined, Rose thinks it’s not all that

The Tampa Rays look for a new home, can they stay in Tampa?

The Dodgers play an ump’s kind of tune the whole game, are they looking for some favors from him?

It’s Father’s Day Weekend, we’ll look at some of the Father’s Day giveaways

All of this and more on this show, with your weekly baseball podcasters, Rich and Gary.

MLBThisWeek Baseball Podcast – #094 – Jason Heyward makes David Ross cry – Huge baseball card find and more!

It’s the MLBThisWeek Baseball Podcast by your weekly broadcasters, Rich Baxter and Gary Mack.

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MLBThisWeek Baseball Podcast – #093 – The Punch heard round the world – Crisps Mansion and more!

It’s a new edition of the show tonight, we’re talking all about the latest stories in baseball. Did you know you can download our show from iTunes or Stitcher Radio? Well, you can, and we’d appreciate you leaving some feedback about our show on those sites by rating the show.

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Notes for this show:

The ‘Punch’ heard round the world, was Odor way out of line for punching Jose Bautista?

You’ve said that you’re looking for a new place to live? We have the place for you!

Colon keeps on giving


More rule changes on the horizon for Major League baseball

MLBThisWeek Baseball Podcast – #092 – Harper’s Hijinx – Trout-o-meter and more!

It’s the baseball podcast that we call MLBThisWeek, the independent show all about the world of baseball. Join the hosts, Gary Mack and Rich Baxter as we talk all about some interesting stories from the week in baseball.

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MLBThisWeek Baseball Podcast – #090 – Schilling Fired – ‘Baseball Laws’ sell for $3M plus – Heywood Slurs and more!

We’re getting ready for the 90th edition of the MLBThisWeek Baseball Podcast with Gary and Rich with some of the best stories in the week of baseball, commentary on the season so far, and a lot more. Join us here on the website of download the audio version of the show on iTunes or Stitcher Radio.

Show notes from this show:

Schilling Fired – ‘Baseball Laws’ sell for $3M plus – Heywood Slurs

Sporting News is getting into Rich’s crawl – Lackey sets a milestone

Pete Rose is going to work a AAA game for autographs and photos – Catcher branded by fastball

all of these stories and more!

MLBThisWeek Baseball Podcast – #089 – Family gets thrown out of game – First broadcast on 4K ever for baseball – and more!

It’s time for another edition of MLBThisWeek, it’s Rich Baxter and Gary Mack as we talk all about the week in baseball.

Join us for some interesting topics this week:

We discuss the standings, and of course a lot of the great stories in baseball, you may not have heard.

Topics this week:

A family gets thrown out of a baseball game

DeGrom leaves baseball to tend to family issues

The first broadcast ever in 4K Ultra HD for baseball happened this past week

All this and more!

MLBThisWeek Baseball Podcast – #087- Our Picks for the 2016 Baseball season – Siri and Apple know baseball and more!

Our picks for the 2016 season on this show, with the great Gary Mack and Rich Baxter talking baseball.

Our stories:

Opening Night great matchup with the Mets and Royals

Wear your caps on Opening Day for Monday

Apple and Siri get to know baseball better, with Apple iPads getting into the dugout and Siri knowing all about the game

all this and more!